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How to Measure


My rug is shedding like crazy, what's going on?

Shedding is when small pieces of fiber come loose from the rug. Sometimes it might seem like a lot of fiber is coming out of the rug. In fact, this is normal for a new rug and should subside within a couple of months.

Should I rotate my rug?

Rotating the rug 180 degrees every 6 months will ensure that the rug wears evenly.

My rug smells. Is that normal?

In some cases, your rug might have a distinct smell. This smell is non-toxic and will subside after you keep the rug out in the air for a period of time. In some cases, the rug has been wrapped up for a while and has not had a chance to “air out”. The smell will dissipate in a matter of days or weeks.

Do I really need a rug pad?

We recommend a pad under every rug. It will keep your rug in place and help it lay flat.

Which fiber is best for an area rug: natural or synthetic?

Natural and synthetic fibers each possess unique characteristics. Synthetic fibers offer a high degree of abrasion and stain resistance, meaning it is difficult to wear them out. Natural fibers like wool and cotton have been around for centuries and offer vivid colors, excellent wearability and great appearance retention.

How do I store my area rug?

If you are going to store your rug for any length of time it is recommended that you ROLL the rug (do not fold because this can cause creases), wrap it in plastic with moth flakes, then seal the package with tape. Poke a couple of holes in the plastic to allow the rug to breathe.

Should I have my area rug professionally cleaned?

We recommend having your rugs cleaned only when it is needed. If your rug gets heavy use, cleaning once a year is fine. Average wear and tear necessitates a professional cleaning only once every 2-3 years. Regular vacuuming is recommended to keep your rug in the best shape possible.

Why is my area rug fading?

All textiles will fade when exposed to sunlight as well as natural ozone in the air. If your rug is in direct contact with sunlight, its color may become more muted over time. If the rug is partially covered by furniture, you may notice that the exposed portions of the rug have changed color. This is a normal occurrence. We recommend that you keep the shades drawn during the time of day when the rug is exposed to direct sunlight.

Can I use different area rugs in the same room?

Of course! As long as the colors complement one another, it’s perfectly acceptable to have different rugs in the same room. If you prefer a more cohesive feel, you can use similarly patterned and colored rugs in different sizes. We love the on-trend look of layered rugs. Use one of our vibrant kilims and place it over a larger, natural rug!


Hand Knotted

- Highest quality & durable construction
- Knots made by hand using traditional techniques
- Heirloom rugs that will last a lifetime
- Due to their handmade nature, no two rugs are exactly alike


- Made with loops of yarn instead of knots
- High quality and durable construction
- May shed more than woven or knotted rugs


- No pile rugs due to the way they are loomed
- Durable construction
- Reversible

Machine Made

- More affordable than other constructions
- Consistent design and pile



- Soft and lustrous
- Loved for their sheen


- Generally more affordable than wool
- Easy to clean
- Natural fiber


- Silk-like material made from plant fibers
- Can crush easily under heavy furniture
- Will absorb stains and spills
- Best for low traffic areas


- Durable
- Naturally stain resistant
- Softness depends on pile height
- Good for high traffic areas

Grass Fiber

- Commonly Jute, sisal, and coir
- Strong and durable
- Softness will vary based on pile height and constructions
- Environmentally friendly production
- Not recommended for moist/damp spaces


- Materials such as polyester, PET, and polypropylene
- Often more affordable than natural fibers
- Durable and easy to clean
- Soft underfootGood for high traffic areas



Unroll your rug and allow it to air outLay flat and the wrinkles will disappear in a few days


- Regular vacuuming is recommended, especially for rugs prone to shedding

- Blot spills with water and a clean towel, don't rub


- Prolong your rug's life by using one of rug pads

Occasionally you may need to have your rug cleaned by a professional. Make sure your rug cleaning professional knows the construction of your rug and its fiber content.